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Watch: The Angelically Light Black Forest Cake Texans Can’t Get Enough of

‘Cult Following’ stops by Swiss Pastry Shop in Texas

Traditional varieties of Black Forest cake will layer chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and marinated cherries, but the iteration at Swiss Pastry Shop is a Texan favorite for being completely different.

In this episode of Cult Following, Eater senior reporter (and Texan) Whitney Filloon discovers the passion behind the little bakery, and the relative simplicity of its show-stopping cake. The Fort Worth bakery even calls its Black Forest cake the Uncake — a name that was given by a member of its following, who said the cake was unlike any other cake they had before.

Egg white, pure cane sugar, and crushed almonds are baked into crisp meringue layers, two of which sandwich a layer of whipped cream, that also coats the outside of the cake. Chocolate shavings top the cake that’s an angelic mash-up of light, crunchy, and beloved.

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