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Amazon Slashes More Whole Foods Prices Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Prime members will also get additional discounts

SAN FRANCISCO - FEBRUARY 22:  The Whole Foods logo adorns a cardboard box at a Whole Foods Market February 22, 2007 in San Francisco, California. Whole Foods Market Inc. announced that it plans to purchase Wild Oats Market Inc. for an estimated $565 million in hopes of competing with larger food chains that have started to introduce organic and prepared foods to their inventories.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Amazon is taking further steps to purge Whole Foods of its “Whole Paycheck” nickname: The e-commerce giant is cutting prices on more of the grocer’s products going into the holiday season, Reuters reports.

Whole Foods is lowering prices on numerous big-brand products like Chobani and Fage yogurt and Pacific brand broths, as well as products from its in-house 365 brand such as organic chicken breasts, canned pumpkin, and salad mixes, according to a press release.

Amazon Prime members will also get additional discounts at Whole Foods as part of their membership benefits: They’ll be able to buy organic turkeys for $2.99 a pound instead of $3.49, for example.

Whole Foods cut prices on many items immediately following the acquisition in August, but more recently, prices were found to be creeping back up. Amazon has promised this latest round of price cuts will be permanent.

Amazon purchased Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion back in June, and analysts have speculated that the merger could lead Amazon to grocery industry domination. It’s already pressured other retailers including Target and Kroger to drop their prices, and the stock price of several competitors, including Costco and Sprouts, fell immediately following today’s news of further price cuts at Whole Foods.

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