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Watch: Inside the Factory That Churns Out 6,500 Jars of Pickles Daily

‘The Process’ visits the McClure’s factory in Michigan

Detroit-based McClure’s specializes in pickles, selling three jarred varieties that include garlic dill, spicy, and sweet and spicy. The manufacturer was founded by Bob and Joe McClure, two brothers who started the company in 2006 with just the McClure family recipe for pickles.

This episode of The Process reveals what exactly goes into making each one of the 6,500 jars McClure’s churns out every day. It all starts with cucumbers of course, which are local — Michigan is one of the largest cucumber growing states in the US. What goes into each batch depends on the flavor, but whether, sliced, speared, or whole, the pickles all go through the same process. Watch as McClure’s bottles its sweet and spicy variety.

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