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Watch: Churning Holiday Ham Ice Cream at a Brooklyn Shop

‘The Meat Show’ heads to OddFellows for a taste of its unlikely Thanksgiving flavor

New York-based ice cream shop OddFellows has played with meaty flavors before, offering a maple bacon pecan flavor, a chorizo pecan ice cream — one of its most popular flavors — and a foie gras ice cream. But it’s the honey ham ice cream, a new holiday flavor on the shop’s menu, that’s the star of this episode of The Meat Show.

“It tastes like a ham sandwich,” says host and carnivore Nick Solares of the ice cream. It was developed by shop owner Sam Mason, who was inspired by the Thanksgiving meals he grew up eating. Aside from ham, the ice cream folds in honey and pieces of pineapple that have been candied with clove. Luckily, the ham has been smoothed out completely in the ice cream-making process, since Mason is aware people don’t want to feel a “hamburger in their ice cream.” It’s ideal for those who are keen on mixing sweet and savory in each bite.

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