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‘Thanksgiving Dinner Pants’ Allow You to Engorge Yourself Comfortably [Updated]

Perfect for those who plan on going back for fourths

The Thanksgiving Dinner Pants Stove Top

Updated, November 16: Well, that was fast. Anyone who was taking their precious time to order a pair of these pants has missed the boat. They’ve officially sold out.

November 13: Thanksgiving may be a sacred holiday, but for brands, it’s just another opportunity to tap Americans on the shoulder and say, “Hey, remember me?” With Turkey Day right around the corner, Stove Top stuffing — hey, remember this? — has introduced a line of “Thanksgiving dinner pants.” This garment is being touted as perfect attire for fashionable dinner guests who plan to engorge themselves with autumnal poultry and casseroles.

As if designing a pair of pants that will more easily allow overindulgence wasn’t enough, the marketing team at Stove Top shot a classic infomercial-style advertisement.

The stretchy waistband appears to be adorned with a Stove Top stuffing pattern, and the same print can be found inside the pockets. Stove Top is selling the Thanksgiving-ized maternity pants for $19.98 per pair and is limiting them to one per customer. It’s only a matter of time before these show up on eBay at an extreme markup.

By the way, Stove Top, it’s dressing.

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