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The Funniest Tweets About Enraged Hannity Fans Destroying Keurigs

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Everything you need to know about KeurigGate 2017

Fans of conservative blowhard Sean Hannity are taking to social media to share videos of themselves destroying Kuerig machines now that the coffee company has backed out of an ad deal with The Sean Hannity Show.

Kuerig is one of five companies that pulled ads from Hannity’s Fox program after the pundit hosted Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore on his radio show last week to defend himself against allegations that he had sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s. Hannity urged his followers to listen to Moore and give him the benefit of the doubt, saying that the politician “deserves the presumption of innocence.”

On Saturday, Keurig announced that they had pulled their sponsorship of The Sean Hannity Show:

And later that afternoon, Hannity fans started destroying fancy coffee machines to show their support for the talk show host. One of the most popular videos includes an odd homage to Salt Bae near the end, wherein the angry Hannity fans sprinkles Kuerig cups all over the ground instead of salt:

Many of the Keruig destroyers claim that they are sticking up for Hannity’s right for free speech via these performative acts of machine bashing (you can find more examples of this kinda stuff here, here, here, here, and here). Without missing a beat, Hannity started sharing some of these videos while also dragging Keurig on Twitter and encouraging his fans to keep smashing those machines:

There’s a lot to unpack here, but thankfully the quipsters of Twitter are already on the case. Here are the best tweets from celebrities, writers, comedians, and other funny people about KuerigGate 2017:

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