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Watch a Clip From ‘Brewmaster,’ the New Doc That Claims to Be ‘A Love Letter to Beer’

The film is set for a public release in January

A man with a large beard styled to read “beer”.
This man obviously enjoys craft beer.
4th Row Productions

Despite the best efforts of global brewing behemoths, the craft beer industry and its distinct culture are far from dead. A new documentary will soon shine a spotlight on said culture. Brewmaster is set for a few advance screenings this month, and it will see a wide release to the public in January.

Just look at the lines that snake out of independent breweries across America. People aren’t queueing up for hours to get a taste of the latest macro-brew from Budweiser or Miller, but they’ll happily brave the elements for a six pack of something new concocted by their local suds purveyor. From director Douglas Tirola and 4th Row Productions, Brewmaster includes interviews with some craft icons: Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver, Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione, and Boston Beer Company’s Jim Koch, to name just a few.

The doc also follows the exploits of Drew Kostic, an attorney who hopes to turn his home-brewing hobby into a full-time gig, and Brian Reed, who is attempting to become a Master Cicerone (that’s the beer version of a sommelier) and

Pilsner Urquell, based out of the Czech Republic and owned by Japanese macro giant Asahi, funded the film, but Tirola says he had complete creative control. The director researched craft breweries, brewers, and drinkers for a year, and he created, in his own words, “a love letter to beer.”

Here, now, get a sneak peek at Brewmaster via the exclusive clip below.

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