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Taiwanese Barista Makes Incredible 3-D Latte Portraits of Animals

This is some next level foam action

Facebook/My Coffee

Drawing doodles in the top of latte foam is so passé. If you really want to rack up a zillion likes on Instagram, now you need to sculpt that foam into a three-dimensional likeness of a cute animal and then use a brush to fill out the details. Chang Kuei-fang, the barista at My Cofi in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, is the latte artist who pioneered this impressive style. If you bring a photo of your favorite pet to My Cofi, Chang will try her hardest to create a foamy replica of your animal pal. Here are some of her greatest hits:


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My cofi 客製化寵物立體雕花 #貴賓狗 #mycofi #latteart #latte #coffee #立體拉花

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#latteart #latte #coffee #mycofi #立體拉花 #拿鐵藝術 #咖啡 #cat #貓 #浪浪別哭

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Chang’s process involves stacking up milk foam and painting it with brushes dipped in espresso, jam, and chocolate. “The hard thing is to control the milk froth,” she tells Reuters. One of her foamy creations takes around 10 minutes to make and it costs around $23.

mycofi6767 [Instagram]
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