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Anthony Bourdain’s Message to Chefs: ‘Take Responsibility for What You See’

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Straight talk from the author/TV host about kitchen conduct and “meathead” culture

In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations lodged against chef John Besh, Anthony Bourdain is thinking about how the restaurant industry can fix its toxic masculinity problem.

Building upon his remarks in a recent interview with Slate, Anthony Bourdain had a candid chat with Seth Meyers last night about the “meathead culture” that he wrote about and to some degree glamorized in his book Kitchen Confidential. “I don’t want to think that I lowered the level of discourse, but I don’t think I helped it,” Bourdain admitted.

Tony also issued a call to action for chefs to hold themselves accountable for what happens in their kitchens — even if they’re not the ones engaging in any inappropriate behavior. Bourdain told Seth:

Whether they like it or not, whether their hearts and attitudes have changed or not, they’re going to have to contend with this. They’re going to have to think about things that they see. You’re going to have to account for yourself. What did I do at that important moment? What did I say? What kind of person was I? You have to take responsibility for what you see, not just what you take part in.

Bourdain’s discussion about building a better kitchen environment starts at the 2:40 mark in the clip above.

While visiting the Late Night set, Bourdain also took time to discuss the disaster in Puerto Rico and his friend José Andrés’s heroic relief effort. Bourdain also chatted about the awkward situations that arise while filming Parts Unknown, like the time that the Romanian government tried to influence a segment he was filming at a butcher shop:

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