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Jamie Oliver’s Land Rover Doubles as a Deluxe Kitchen

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This car is probably nicer than your own kitchen

Junk food-hating celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently partnered up with Land Rover to build his dream kitchen on wheels. This SUV is really the perfect vehicle for the Naked Chef to take on adventures with his five kids, named (seriously) Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver, Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver, River Rocket Oliver, Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver, and Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver.

The souped-up Land Rover has a rotisserie, an ice cream maker, a little vegetable garden, a drop-down olive oil dispenser, and a pull-out range. But perhaps the greatest feature of them all is a two-slice toaster inserted right near the clutch, so Oliver can pull out a piece of hot bread immediately after switching gears, in one swift movement. This feature sounds dangerous, but also practical — just think about all the times on long road trips when a hot piece of toast would have really hit the spot.

“This is the poshest kitchen I’ve ever had,” says the celebrity chef of his deluxe novelty-mobile. Take a tour of that tricked-out ride in the clip above.

Land Rover Put an Entire Kitchen into Jamie Oliver's New SUV [F & W]
Land Rover [YouTube]

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