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José Andrés and World Central Kitchen Have Served 130,000 People in Puerto Rico

More than a week and a half in, they’re on track to serve 50,000 daily

José Andrés delivering meals.
Photo: José Andrés / Facebook
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

José Andrés and team have surpassed the 100,000 meal mark. Over a week since arriving in Puerto Rico to help those affected by Hurricane Maria, Andrés and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen have served a total of 130,000 meals out of mobile kitchens, restaurants, food trucks, and the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, the island’s largest arena — smashing a 100k-meal goal they set earlier this week. According to a statement from World Central Kitchen, the team is expected to start providing 50,000 meals daily from locations across the island, and, Andrés announced on Twitter, they may soon be capable of serving 100,000 people daily.

The D.C.-based chef jumped into action shortly after Hurricane Maria devastated the island late last month. He’s been chronicling his progress on Twitter, and has become a prominent voice in the island’s recovery efforts, amid a slow government response.

Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico’s agriculture industry, and food and supplies have not been easy to come by. But Andrés’s Twitter feed shows that, as of yesterday, brands are beginning to step up their donations. Goya donated juice, rice, yucca, and more to World Central Kitchen’s efforts in Puerto Rico; UPS delivered a donation of 10,000 bottles of water (including some bottles from the New York Mets); and Chili’s, the casual dining chain, sent Andrés and team enough chicken to feed tens of thousands of people.

Yesterday, Andrés delivered meals to Guaynabo, an area he said was in great need. He has plans to return with “big paellas” over the weekend.

World Central Kitchen is continuing to send chefs to the island to set up additional kitchens, including, according to Andrés, a kitchen in Fajardo this Monday. Andrés has also encouraged FEMA and the Department of Education set up kitchens in schools across the island to feed more people, and, the chef has no plans to stop calling for action anytime soon.

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