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Taco Bell Tries Out Chicken and Biscuits for Breakfast

Plus, a Seattle icon dies and more news to know

Taco Bell’s chicken and biscuits
Courtesy Taco Bell
  • Taco Bell is getting aggressive with the return of its “Naked Chicken,” aka a fried chicken patty in the shape of a triangle. They are adding them to quesadillas, serving them in chip form (with optional nacho cheese dipping sauce), serving them alongside biscuits at breakfast (for now only in Indianapolis), and folding them into a tortilla shape and stuffing them with bacon and ranch (for now only in Knoxville).
  • Jon Rowley, a beloved Seattle food icon, succumbed to kidney failure after a long fight with a terminal illness. A few weeks ago, family members launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his medical bills. It’s already exceeded its $50,000 goal.
  • Pizza Hut’s BookIt! campaign is still a thing. And they’re expanding to one million classrooms (up from 600k) this year.
  • 56 Whole Foods locations across the country suffered a credit card breach at tap rooms and restaurants within the stores. Here’s a list of affected stores. Meanwhile drive-thru chain Sonic said it would offer two years of free fraud and identity theft protection for customers affected by its latest breach.
  • This is a video of a fox stealing a piece of pizza from a car, which actually seems like pretty normal animal behavior.
  • Hotelier Andre Balazs sold off all of his final shares in the Standard Hotel group after injuring himself in a water skiing accident. Now he can focus solely on his luxury hotels: The Mercer, Sunset Beach, Chiltern Firehouse, and Chateau Marmont.
  • Instead of sending convicts to prison, some courts in Oklahoma opted to send them to a “rehab” facility that was actually a chicken farm. Its workers compare it to a “slave camp.”
  • The FDA is trying to force a small town granola maker to remove the word “love” from its products’ ingredients lists.