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Andrew W.K.’s Taco Guitar Is the Only Acceptable Way to Observe ‘National Taco Day’

When it’s time to taco, we will taco hard

Celebrating fake food holidays such as “National Taco Day” is always frowned upon, but there are exceptions to every rule. For example: On this supposed day of observance related to all things tortilla and fillings, ever-partying rock-and-roll hero Andrew W.K. has unveiled his brand-new taco guitar.

That’s a honey of an axe right there. The musician is on record listing Taco Bell as one of his favorite restaurants in New York City, so his new guitar is wholly appropriate for his brand. ESP Guitars fashioned the instrument, which was hand-painted by Mr. W.K. himself. For those curious about his favorite taco ingredients, the guitar depicts a hard shell filled with ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped lettuce, and jumbo diced tomatoes, according to a press release. ESP previously made a pizza guitar for W.K.

"I started pondering, what’s another food that's as party as pizza?” W.K. says. “When it comes to edible celebration, tacos are partier than almost anything else. Pizza and tacos are among the partiest foods on the planet, and I realized that since I had paid musical tribute to pizza, I now had to pay musical tribute to tacos.

“I was destined to make a taco shaped guitar — it was inevitable."

It’s impossible to argue with that logic, or with this:

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