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Smashburger to Launch a $54 Burger Pass

Purchasers can get a $1 burger a day for 54 days straight

Elsie Hui/Flickr

Eating a burger every day for two months may sound like a Super Size Me-style challenge — but in this case, it’s a fast-casual marketing stunt. Denver-based chain Smashburger is testing out a $54 “burger pass” that will entitle holders the ability to purchase a $1 burger a day for 54 days, Nation’s Restaurant News reports.

The burger pass was inspired by Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass — a now-annual offering that sells out instantaneously — but Smashburger’s version is a bit different: The passes, which can be purchased online through November 15, are only valid between November 15 and January 9. Purchasers will be given one coupon each day that can only be used on that particular day, meaning they can’t save them up and then get several $1 burgers in one day. (The coupons can also be redeemed for any entree, including salads or a veggie burger, meaning purchasers can in theory avoid any deleterious health effects a la Super Size Me.)

As NRN notes, purchasers of the pass who actually use it every day would save around $250: “At an average price of $6.70, 54 burgers would cost $361.80. Users of the pass would pay $108.” While the pass could turn out to be a heck of a deal for diners who commit to visiting Smashburger every day, most people probably won’t; the company also hopes that pass holders will buy sides and drinks, and potentially bring friends who will buy food at the regular menu price.

As increased competition means restaurants everywhere are struggling with slowed sales growth, expect to see more marketing gimmicks like this emerge. Whether or not the burger pass will prove successful for Smashburger will remain to be seen: CEO Tom Ryan told NRN, “I have no idea honestly whether or not the program is attractive.”

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