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Whataburger-Wonder Woman Costume Wins Halloween

A combination of two things people love

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America has a lot of fast food restaurants, but no burger stand stirs up more devotion amongst its fans than Texas-based chain Whataburger. America also has a bunch of superheroes, but right now, no caped crusader is more beloved amongst its fans than Wonder Woman, the only cool person in the entire DC Comics cinematic universe. And, as it turns out, both the superhero and the burger hero have logos that are nearly identical. So, for all of these reasons, it makes complete sense that someone would create a Whataburger/Wonder Woman mashup costume for Halloween this year.

A post shared by Kevin Fujii (@kevinfujii) on

Renee Fujii, the Fort Worth resident who designed this ensemble, says that she got the idea for the costume over the summer when her dad mistook her Wonder Woman shirt for a piece of Whataburger merch. Everything except the boots and the shield are fashioned from Whataburger packaging: the leggings are made of styrofoam drink cups, the skirt is a patchwork of chicken tender containers, and the crown is a repurposed apple pie box. “It definitely took a little planning,” Fujii tells the Star Telegram. “I definitely made lots of trips to Whataburger, and I asked them for extra cups, plastic bags and apple pie containers.”

In terms of attire fashioned from junk food wrappers, this get-up arguably bests the Taco Bell wedding gown and Starburst cocktail dress.
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