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Nicolas Cage Becomes an Iconic Japanese Snack

Plus other food news to know today

  • Goldbely is now selling barbecue from North Carolina legend Ed Mitchell & Sons’ Que for the first time ever nationwide — and until this father and son duo open another restaurant, it’s the only way to taste it. Pitmaster Ed Mitchell was previously featured in the Netflix original documentary, Cooked, and in Michael Pollan’s best-selling book of the same name.
  • This Nirvana-themed vegan cafe in Glasgow is the new destination for the grunge-fan community. Named after the song on the band’s 1991 album Nevermind, In Bloom is filled with photos of the band, album posters, and gig tickets on the wall — and serves a selection of freshly made vegan pasta and pastries.
  • Nicolas Cage, the king of an Internet meme, will be on special packaging for a popular Japanese snack, Umaibo, later this month. This limited-edition Cage-faced snack, called Umaibo Nicolastick, is a special promotion for the Japanese release of Cage’s film, Army of One.
  • One of Bristol’s most popular steakhouses made every meat lover’s wild dream come true: the restaurant launched a new food challenge, asking diners to eat the 96-ounce T-bone steak — equivalent to six pounds of finely cooked steak — with five sides in under one hour. If the customer completes the challenge, the meal is completely free.
  • The Food Voice is a new New England-based hub for progressive food initiatives. Founded by Ilene Bezahler and Louisa Kasdon, powerhouses in the Boston food community, this new platform hopes to amplify important conversations around food through events, prints, and social media.
  • Despite the significant price drop on certain items, like avocados and almond milk, overall Whole Foods prices have dropped only 1 percent since the Amazon takeover. According to supermarket analyst David Livingston, if prices are lowered in one place, they’re raised some place else, just like in all grocery stores. Lesson learned: Whole Foods is still not cheap.
  • This St. Louis pizzeria owner who faced extreme backlash after protesting police violence is now handing out free pizza to fellow protestors. Besides the restaurant, the owner is also working to produce a documentary, hoping to highlight the city’s long history of violence, discrimination, and misconduct toward people of color.