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World’s Worst Soup Robot Is Terrible at Serving Soup

We can all relate to this device sometimes

YouTube video star Simone Giertz, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Shitty Robots,” recently decided to make two things she’d never made before: pumpkin soup, and a robot to serve it to her. In her newest video, Giertz explains: “I don’t know how to make pumpkin soup, but I’m just going to do it the same way as I build robots — which is to do it the way I think it should be done?” It looks like she gets all the basic steps right for the soup, but the robot is an entirely different story.

The robot — which, by the way, is made using parts from a 3D printer — has a little elevator apparatus that lifts the bowl, and a paddle that moves the soup spoon back and forth. This device is really a riff on two of Giertz’s other semi-functional creations — the beer robot and the breakfast machine — but this one is arguably wonkier than its forebears.

Watch the making of this device, and its hilarious test-run, in the clip above.

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