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McDonald’s Officially Changes Its Name to ‘Golden Arches’ in China

But the rebrand shouldn’t have a big effect on the company’s business model

McDonald’s sign Flickr/skynet

Global fast-food giant McDonald’s has officially changed its name in China, according to CNN Money. The company’s previous name in the country was Maidanglao, which is a Chinese interpretation of “McDonald’s.” That’s been swapped out for Jingongmen, roughly translating to “Golden Arches.”

McDonald’s has carried the “Golden Arches” nickname for decades, and it appears the update won’t have a major effect on the company’s business in China. A spokesperson tells CNN Money “the name change only applies to the chain's business registration and that restaurants’ branding will stay the same.” So, one would assume Golden Arches outposts will continue to be destinations for items such as mashed potato burgers and buns that resemble rocks.

The name change comes as McDonald’s is making a major push to open more stores in China, as well as in Hong Kong and South Korea.

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