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Burger King Offers Free Whoppers to Creepy Clowns on Halloween

Plus, the restaurant industry’s “Harvey Weinstein moment,” and more food news

A creepy clown looking for a free Whopper
Photo: Burger King YouTube
  • On Halloween, Burger King is offering free Whoppers to those dressed up as creepy clowns (at selected restaurants, anyway). So, here is the perfect Halloween plan: skip the parade, dress up as a clown, get a free whopper and binge-watch the new season of Stranger Things.
  • Food Network has a new series called Vegas Cakes, featuring the team from Freed’s Bakery. This family-owned bakery will show the process of making three high-end custom cakes on each episode.

@FreedsBakery is coming to Food Network. Get ready for @VegasCakes Sunday, Nov 5th @ 10P.

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  • This tweet about the definitive ranking of 22 different pasta shapes is going viral. This tweeter ranked pasta from the worst to the best based on texture, adaptability with various sauces, and shape. The worst? Croxetti. The best? Mafaldine.
  • The scrolling green code in The Matrix movies is just a bunch of sushi recipes. Simon Whiteley, the production designer on the film who came up with this iconic backdrop, was inspired by his Japanese wife’s cookbooks.
  • Kellogg’s will redesign racist art on the Corn Pops cereal box. In this illustration on the box, the only brown cereal piece depicted, as some confused users on Twitter noted, is the janitor. The company quickly responded the backlash, saying, “Kellogg is committed to diversity & inclusion.” The newly designed art will be in stores soon.
  • ChowNow, a startup company that builds restaurants their own online ordering system, has raised $20 million during a series B round. The company also recently launched a discovery feature that allows customers to find new restaurants in the area, which is similar to what Seamless and GrubHub offer.
  • This restaurant in downtown Milwaukee got in trouble for allowing a goat get into space. Dick’s Pizza and Pleasure, a restaurant and nightclub in Milwaukee, celebrated “Birthday of Saed’s Goat,” and there are pictures online that show that a goat with a beer bottle in its mouth.
  • Jen Agg, a Canadian restauranteur and the author of the memoir “I Hear She’s a Real Bitch,” talks about the restaurant industry’s “Harvey Weinstein moment” in The New Yorker after the John Besh sexual harassment allegations. John Besh, the New Orleans-based celebrity chef and the CEO of Besh Restaurant Group, stepped down from his restaurant group after he was accused of engaging an unwelcome sexual relationship with an employee.