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Watch Rita Ora Confront Gordon Ramsay About Getting Snubbed at His Restaurant

The singer says she was denied for wearing a tracksuit

In America, Gordon Ramsay runs casual casino restaurants where guests can walk in wearing whatever the heck they want. But over in the UK, the chef operates several establishments with Michelin stars and strictly enforced dress codes. One of these restaurants has such rigid guidelines for attire that the management even decided to deny a table to pop superstar Rita Ora when she walked in wearing a tracksuit and sneakers. The singer confronted Ramsay about the incident on a recent episode of UK chat program The Jonathan Ross Show.

“I wasn’t dressed the part, but I walked in and was like, ’Oh, I’d love a little, like, meal,’” Ora tells Ramsay, Ross, and singer Ed Sheeran in the clip. “And they just were like, ‘No, this isn’t happening for you,’” she says. Ramsay, clearly shocked to learn about this celebrity snub, asks the singer to divulge the name of the restaurant, but Ora won’t let it slip for fear that someone might get in trouble. But she does ask if she can return to one of Ramsay’s restaurants, and the chef happily invites Ora back. Meanwhile, Sheeran, ever the quipster, suggests that she could visit “the one at Heathrow that does the airplane food.”

Watch the lively exchange between these four British celebrities in the clip above.

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