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Watch: Is a Dedicated Breakfast Sandwich Appliance Worth It?

Testing the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker against... just frying an egg in a pan

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A breakfast sandwich showdown is testing the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker against a frying pan that you already own, to answer the question: should you pay more for a slightly better version of a breakfast sandwich?

Let’s take a look: Thanks to basic math, it’s an extra $1.50 per sandwich when using the Hamilton. The machine also comes with a multiple-part clean up system that you have to disassemble and reassemble after each use. And guess what: the Hamilton machine actually takes longer to make a breakfast sandwich than the every day pan, even if it means you can go about your morning activities without having to flip an egg or jostle ham.

But here's the thing, what's if the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker didn't make a slightly better sandwich? What if, in fact, it makes a breakfast sandwich so inferior to the pan method that any consideration of its benefit would be written down on paper and thrown into the garbage where this contraption will likely already be. Then, would the extra $1.50 still be worth it?

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