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Man Sues Airline for Serving Him Sparkling Wine Instead of Champagne

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Petty lawsuit alert


It’s not just Americans who love a good frivolous lawsuit: Quebec resident Daniel MacDuff has filed suit against budget Canadian airline Sunwing following a February flight to Cuba that was supposed to include “a complimentary on-board Champagne toast,” the National Post reports. Instead, MacDuff says, he was served sparkling wine in a plastic cup.

MacDuff has filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the airline of false advertising, and is asking for both punitive damages and to be reimbursed for the price difference between the sparkling wine he was served and real Champagne.

As oenophiles know, for a sparkling wine to be classified as true Champagne, it must be produced in the Champagne region of France and can only be made from a handful of specific grape varieties.

In a statement, the airline called the lawsuit “frivolous and without merit.” It has since updated its website to advertise “a welcome glass of sparkling wine,” rather than a Champagne toast.

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