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KFC Only Follows 11 ‘Herbs and Spices’ on Twitter

Five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb

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Here is one of the best Twitter jokes of all time: KFC, the company that built its reputation on a “secret” chicken recipe with 11 herbs and spices, only follows Spice Girls and famous men named Herb on Twitter. It’s unclear how long the @KFC account has been following this coterie of Herbs and Spice Girls, but all credit goes to user @edgett22 for making this discovery. Here’s the complete list of followers:


KFC is smoking its fast-food competition in the realm of viral stunts. Earlier this year, the chain also sent a sandwich into space, built a VR training kitchen, and released a romance novel starring Colonel Sanders.

@edgette22 [Twitter]
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Chicken social media photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan .

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