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Starbucks Faces Pressure to Provide Better Paid Parental Leave for Retail Workers

Plus, O.J. Simpson’s first meal out of prison, and more news to know today

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  • A group of Starbucks shareholders announced today that they would pressure the coffee giant to improve parental leave policies for retail store workers, adoptive parents, and fathers. Currently, Starbucks has one of the more generous policies in the hospitality and retail industries: It offers 16 weeks of paid leave to new mothers and 12 weeks to new fathers and adoptive parents in corporate positions, and six weeks of paid leave to new mothers in the retail stores. The United States is one of only two nations in the world to not require paid leave and the only industrialized nation to not offer paid leave through the government.
  • The New York Times brings an in-depth look at how residents of Ghana have fallen in love with KFC, drawn to its affordability and status as an “exotic, international American brand.” The downside: as the chain grows, obesity rates also happen to be rising in the coastal African nation.
  • O.J. Simpson ate two combo meals at McDonald’s as his first post-prison meal.
  • Denny’s fired a waitress at a Washington-area Denny’s for demanding black customers pay their checks before eating.
  • Amazon is selling Instant Pots, the most beloved cooking tool of 2017, for $70 today.
  • Gordon Ramsay continues to be great on twitter:
  • Jamie Oliver is, once again, calling for an age restriction for energy drinks.
  • Coca-Cola increased its production of single use plastic bottles by one billion last year. It now makes 110 billion bottles a year.