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Bad Mac and Cheese Ridiculed by All of Twitter

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At last, something everyone in America can agree on

Earlier today, a Twitter user by the name of Jan Levinson (@coolstoryjanis) showed up to her office to find that a coworker had brought in a truly sorry excuse for mac and cheese to share with the crew. Jan snapped a few photos of the dish — which is really just cooked pasta mixed with shredded, unmelted cheese — and shared them with her Twitter followers.

Within a matter of hours, the pic got retweeted thousands of times, with bonus quips from some bona fide celebrities and social media superstars. Academy Award nominee Ava DuVernay is among the chorus of mac and cheese enthusiasts chiming in on the photos, and TV star/author Eddie Huang also joined the party, too.

Here are some of the best reactions to Jan’s coworker’s sad office mac and cheese:

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