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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask a Bunch of Brooklyn Bartenders to Spell 'Daiquiri'

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Plus more ridiculous questions

In between stickball games and yellow cab rides, Jimmy Kimmel took time during his week-long Brooklyn sojourn to ask some of the borough’s bartenders a series of ridiculous questions. As it turns out, most of the drink makers are fans of tiny cocktail umbrellas, but they hate it when people bang on the bar to try to get their attention, and hardly any of them know the correct way to spell “daiquiri.”

The best response of the bunch comes from Ernie Blundell of The Gather Inn Again pub in Gerritsen Beach, who reveals the one lie that he tells his customers. “A lot of times, ‘the blender’s not working.’” Ernie says, with a shrug. “I can shake it for you, but they don’t want a shake and I know that, so I just tell them no.”

This amusing late night bit was filmed at Eater 38 staple Prime Meats with bartenders from Brooklyn hot spots Pig Beach, Grand Army, Skinny Dennis, Donna, and Diner.
Jimmy Kimmel Live! [YouTube]

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