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Anthony Bourdain Heads to Pittsburgh to See How Chefs Are Changing the Food Scene

‘Parts Unknown’ lands in Steel City this Sunday

In the fourth episode of Parts Unknown’s 10th season, Anthony Bourdain heads to Pittsburgh. It’s a return to the Rust Belt for Bourdain, and as with his previous trips to American locales that are perceived to be places forgotten by time, the chef-turned-television host finds much more than decaying relics of this country’s industrial past.

There’s a lot of food to like in the Steel City. While Yinzers can find plenty of sandwiches, beer, other working-class fare, a new generation of chefs has introduced higher-quality ingredients and fresh techniques to the local cuisine. “When you open a good restaurant there is a ripple effect, and it is overwhelmingly good,” Bourdain says. “In the transformation of a city, it is often the chefs doing a cool thing.”

Chef Kevin Sousa of Superior Motors serves walleye pike and beef short ribs cured in kogi in the episode, while Sonja Finn and Justin Severino of Dinette and Cure, respectively, host a pig roast in the back country. Bourdain also checks out the Pittsburgh professional wrestling scene and learns about the civil rights history of the city, as well as its future as a hub for high-tech business.

Parts Unknown: Pittsburgh airs at 9 p.m. this Sunday, October 8, on CNN. Immediately following the East Coast premiere, visit Eater’s Facebook page for a live discussion of the episode.

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