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Cookie Monster Gets a Food Truck and Cooking Segment

Plus, McDonald’s introduces phone lockers and more intel

  • It’s a big year for Cookie Monster. Everyone’s favorite Sesame Street character will get a cooking segment and a food truck in the new season of the show. In each segment, a kid will order a meal from the truck and Cookie will go on an adventure to show where one of the dish’s main ingredients came from, be it a “cranberry bog, a pasta factory, an avocado farm.”

  • At a summit about the future of artificial intelligence in kitchens, TV personality and restaurant chef Tyler Florence declared that “recipes are completely dead,” and that he’s joining a “proprietary connected food platform” start-up called Innit.

  • Hearth and Le Pain Quotidien aren’t the only restaurants trying to get customers to lock up their phones. Now a McDonald’s in Sinagpore offers phone lockers to try to get people to put their phones away and talk to each other over their meal. So far more people seem to be Instagramming the lockers than using them.

  • Chef Ed Lee says he likes bringing his restaurant to D.C. because it lacks a defined culinary culture. “I like cities that have a slight identity crisis because I feel very comfortable there,” he says explaining that “I’ve realized I don’t belong anywhere.”

  • An employee for a Texas juvenile justice department allegedly stole over $1.2 million worth of county-funded fajitas over nine years.