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Is Starbucks Launching a New Spooky Zombie Frappuccino?

Plus other food news to know today

A different, but still green, Starbucks Frapp.
  • Is Starbucks launching a new spooky drink for Halloween? Citing “a trusted source,” one blog floats the rumor that a Zombie-themed Frappuccino, featuring green apple caramel powder and pink powder, will hit menus later this month. When reached, a Starbucks spokesperson said the brand’s Halloween plans are still under wraps; real or not, the Internet is predictably very excited and/or terrified.
  • John C. Reilly’s character on Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Dr. Steve Brule, now has his very own wine. (It’s officially sanctioned by Tim & Eric co-creator Eric Wareheim, who owns Las Jaras Wines.)
  • How saving ancient seeds might eventually save the world from itself (or, at least, ensure there are still growable crops after the effects of global warming render some current crops unviable).
  • President Donald Trump has pulled the U.S. out of UNESCO, the cultural organization that designates World Heritage sites and occasionally flags food traditions as worthy of preservation.
  • Martha Stewart always travels with hard-boiled eggs in her carry-on.
  • New York City bartender Austin Rogers, who’s gone viral over the past few weeks for dominating Jeopardy, had his winning streak stopped yesterday. Here he is on The Tonight Show — apparently he and host Jimmy Fallon have been friends for more than a decade.