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Watch Gal Gadot Steal ‘The Last Fry’ in This Hilarious Unaired SNL Sketch

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It’s a ‘90s-style rap song about eating fries during a nuclear attack

Sometimes the funniest SNL sketches never make it onto the air for various timing reasons. Case in point: Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s rap parody “The Last Fry,” which got axed at the last minute during the episode hosted by Gal Gadot over the weekend.

In the clip, Bennett and Mooney play ultra-dorky rapping pals who decide to slide down to the diner for some grub. Gal Gadot walks into the restaurant during the middle of their snack break and the boys are instantly mesmerized — that is, until she steals the last fry. This is a very silly thing to be concerned with, especially as all hell breaks loose at the diner, because North Korea is launching a missile at New York City. “Why did the girl eat the last fry?” the boys wonder as everyone is running around and trying to find appropriate shelter for the oncoming nuclear disaster.

This sketch is worth watching if only for the shot of Gal, Kyle, and Beck doing the running man together.
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