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Behold Taco Bell’s Collaboration With Forever 21

These hoodies and tees are way cooler than they have any right to be

All photos via Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the latest fast food chain to experiment with trendy merchandise, but unlike KFC, the true pioneer of fast food attire, the Tex-Mex mega brand decided to collaborate with an actual clothing retailer on the creation of its garments. The result is this line of undeniably fresh gear, which will be available starting Wednesday, October 11 at Forever 21 stores all across the country. The collection includes hoodies, bodysuits, graphic tees, and one anorak jacket, with prices ranging from $12.90 to $29.90.

Fast your eyes upon this snazzy fast food merch:

Pink hoodie $17.90; anorak jacket $29.90
Pullover $17.90; hoodie $22.90
Colorful tee $12.90; too much sauce $15.90.
Bodysuits, $17.90
Print hoodie $24.90; cropped hoodie $22.90.

Taco Bell and Forever 21's New Clothing Line Is the Ultimate Generation Z Bait [E]