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Carl’s Jr. Launches Weird Twitter Campaign to Get Amazon to Buy It

The fast-food chain says it will give CEO Jeff Bezos VIP parking at every location

Carl’s Jr. is in the midst of a very thirsty social media campaign: The fast-food chain formerly headed up by failed Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder apparently wants Amazon to buy it. In a series of tweets, Carl’s Jr. attempts to make the case for why it should be next on Amazon’s acquisitions list, using the hashtag #AmazonBuyUs. The chain has two dozen “Big Ideas” to present, including —

Give Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos VIP parking at every Carl’s Jr location:

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s meal kits:

An Amazon Dash button for chicken tenders:

Some of the ideas are clearly a bit more thought out than others, such as this nonsensical proposal for a “cloud-based restaurant”:

Others, like this idea for what seems to be a fast-food themed Real World series, are downright embarrassing:

Twitter users seem to be suffering from secondhand embarrassment on behalf of the company, comparing the campaign to the movie Idiocracy and pleading with Carl’s Jr. to please cease this inanity:

Amazon clearly has money to spend, and its recent purchase of Whole Foods has boosted the grocery chain’s sales — but a fast-food chain wouldn’t quite fit into the company’s portfolio. What exactly the burger chain hopes to accomplish with this social media campaign isn’t quite clear (and an email to Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s PR representation was not immediately returned), but hey, at least it doesn’t involve scantily clad women dripping ketchup down their cleavage.

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