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Bojangles Is Coming for Millennials With Free Wi-Fi and a ‘Biscuit Theater’

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A modern makeover for the fried chicken chain

Inside the new Bojangles.
Inside the new Bojangles.

Add North Carolina-based Bojangles to the list of restaurant chains that are revamping to attract a younger crowd. Bojangles is unveiling a remodeled concept this week in Greenville, S.C., and the chain is making no bones about its effort to bring in the coveted millennial clientele.

“Younger demographics are a significant part of the Bojangles’ following, and the brand has a growing digital presence that engages millennial audiences,” a spokesperson for the chain tells Eater.

A popular fried chicken destination in parts of the South, the current version of Bojangles is standard fast food: counter service and cheap eats in a nondescript space. The core product isn’t changing, but it’s being presented in a new package. The chain will update its look with a number of trendy design touches: subway tile, mock tin ceilings, exposed brick, and bright accents. Seating arrangements will be altered with Adirondack chairs and communal tables. These changes will create an environment that encourages hanging out, instead of just wolfing down a combo meal and getting out the door as quickly as possible. Bojangles is also offering a few enhanced amenities that might lure today’s 20- and 30-somethings.

  • Free Wi-Fi is a necessity for this generation of remote workers who typically post up with their MacBooks at coffeeshops. Would you rather sip on a latte or enjoy a chicken biscuit while writing your latest freelance thinkpiece? Look out, Starbucks.
  • Charging stations will interest young folks who are known for toting around multiple electronic devices. It’s easy to drain your battery when you’re firing off texts and snaps all day. Recharge while you’re scarfing down a drumstick or two.
  • A “biscuit theater” will allow diners to peer through a glass window and witness Bojangles “master biscuit makers” loading fresh dough into the oven every 20 minutes. Food-obsessed millennials like to know the origins of their meals. Though, this may be reminiscent of an exhibit at a zoo. Millennials do not like zoos.

The new Bojangles will open in Greenville on Wednesday, and the chain already has plans to build or remodel four more restaurants in its hometown of Charlotte. Going forward, all new locations will follow this design approach. Take a look inside Bojangles 2.0 via the photos below.

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