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Girl Scout Cookies Are What’s for Breakfast

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But, sadly, only for a limited time


Are your normal breakfasts severely lacking in cookies? Well, lucky you, because the Girl Scouts have teamed up with General Mills to bring their seasonal treats to your morning routine. After yoga, pour a big bowl of Caramel Crunch (inspired by Samoas) or the classic Thin Mint. The sweet, sweet cereal boxes should hit grocery shelves this month across the country.

Eater tasters sampled the morning treats today and came back with a few notes. “They tasted a lot like Cocoa Puffs, but super, super minty,” said one test subject of the Thin Mint cereal. “You get a super strong hit of mint from them, and I think it’d be hard to eat a full bowl,” said another.

Caramel Crunch, a caramel-and-chocolate-flavored cereal, reminded one taster of Cinnamon French Toast Crunch. Samplers tried the cereals with and without milk and noted that with milk the stronger flavors were nicely muted. “Both cereals would pair nicely with a Saturday morning cartoon from the ‘90s,” they concluded.

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