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Pittsburgh Sandwich Shop Bans Seafood Before Steelers-Dolphins Game

Primanti Bros is refusing to serve “anything with a fin” this weekend

The menu at Primanti Bros. Stephanie Strasburg

A famed Pittsburgh sandwich shop is yanking seafood from its menu to support its hometown football heroes. The Steelers go up against the Miami Dolphins this Sunday in the race to the Super Bowl, and in response Primanti Bros, which has been feeding locals with its sandwiches stacked high with fries and coleslaw since 1933, will temporarily stop serving fish this weekend.

The restaurant, which caters to night owls with its 24-hour schedule, has an extensive menu of sandwich proteins including tuna fish, sardines, and fried fish. Just don’t try to order any of those options this Friday through Sunday, when it’s refusing to serve “anything with a fin.” As an employee explained to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “We've been trying to think of what we could do for the team and then we realized it's more about what we shouldn't do, and that's support anything that comes from the ocean.”

Of course, as some astute Twitter users pointed out, a dolphin isn’t actually a fish. Nonetheless, Primanti Bros. says its sandwich protest stands:

Football fans tend to be a superstitious lot, and when it comes to the high-stakes NFL post-season they’ll try just about anything, whether it’s painting their entire bodies with team colors or abstaining from fish. Let’s just hope Miami doesn’t enact a similar ban:

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