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Watch: Does a Cocktail in a Lightbulb Taste Better?

Sampling the elaborately served drinks and flavorful ramen at ROKC in NYC

Ramen and cocktails are the stars of the menu at ROKC, a bar in West Harlem that's garnering attention for its exciting bar menu. Drinks are served in everything from lightbulbs to clam shells, and feature interesting touches like burning palo santo, frozen bell peppers, and lots and lots of smoke.

The owners opened the spot hoping to bring New York a new take on the restaurants "found in traditional Japanese port towns during the Meji period, when Japan first became open to the rest of world after nearly two centuries of seclusion." The menu offers a variety of ramen options, as well as a raw bar, buns, and other small plates. On this episode of Consumed, watch as Eater host and managing editor Sonia Chopra tries some of ROKC's cocktails and vegetarian ramen as she talks to Tetsuo Hasegawa while he works his magic behind the bar.

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