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Watch Chef Ludo Lefebvre Make Trois Mec’s Beloved Avocado Sushi

Highlighting California's excellent produce

At Trois Mec, the Los Angeles restaurant that has garnered high praise since opening in 2013, chef Ludo Lefebvre wows diners with his innovative cooking. One dish that has particularly developed a fandom is Lefebvre's avocado sushi with salted cod cream and lime vinaigrette. In this video, the chef explains how he makes it.

"The concept is very simple, like sushi," Lefebvre says in the video. "Rice and fish, but it's not fish, it's avocado." He goes on to explain that he discovered sushi rice after moving to California from France, but he humbly admits his technique can't touch that of a Japanese chef. "I try to do my sushi rice like the Japanese, but it takes a lot of practice to do perfect sushi rice," he says. "I don't know if I would serve that to a good Japanese chef, but it's pretty good. The guests like it."

Watch the above video to get a demo on Lefebvre's dish.

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