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Gordon Ramsay Transcends Plane of Celebrity Chefdom, Becomes Dank Meme

Where’s the lamb sauce?

Gordon Ramsay is famous for many things. He’s a celebrity chef with restaurants all over the world. He’s a television host who loves to berate competitors in cooking competitions. He’s the star of a mobile video game. Now, Ramsay has added another title to his resume: meme.

The Daily Dot notes Ramsay has achieved full-blown “dank meme” status, and a Hell’s Kitchen clip from 2006 is serving as inspiration for the internet’s weirdos. In a scene typical of the show, Ramsay is storming around the kitchen, shouting at chefs in action. What’s unique about this particular clip is that Ramsay urgently needs to know the whereabouts of someone’s lamb sauce.

“Where’s the lamb sauce?” Ramsay shouts toward the end of the clip. “Where’s the lamb sauce?” he asks again. These four words have transformed Ramsay into a meme.

Know Your Meme says the scene has inspired several remixes on YouTube over the years, but it wasn’t until December 23, 2016 that it really took off. Reddit user Harryy301 posted the following creation in the /r/dankmemes subreddit.

Gordon Ramsay meme

Posting to the r/memeeconomy subreddit on Monday, user Jams_R declared Gordon Ramsay memes were seeing a rise in value. Google search interest in “Gordon Ramsay lamb sauce” has exploded in recent weeks.

There have been many follow-ups.


Congratulations, Gordon Ramsay. You have achieved meme superstardom. Hopefully you’ll find your lamb sauce some day.

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