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Watch: 'The Founder' Shows How McDonald's Became a Fast-Food Superpower

The film hits theaters nationwide January 20

Here’s the latest trailer for The Founder, the long-awaited film chronicling McDonald’s rise from a single drive-in to a fast-food superpower. Starring Michael Keaton as empire-builder Ray Kroc alongside Laura Dern and Nick Offerman (who’s barely recognizable minus his Ron Swanson beard), the film was originally set to hit theaters in Summer 2016, but producers the Weinstein Company pushed it back in hopes of making it a serious contender for awards season.

While the McDonald brothers were bought out in 1961 for just a few million dollars, Kroc was worth $8 billion by the time he died in 1984 (and he used some of that Big Mac money to build a crazy-luxurious ranch in California).

As the New York Times reported last year, McDonald’s did not cooperate with the filmmakers, and has declined to comment on it altogether — but the movie still manages to use its fair share of trademarked McDonald's imagery including the Golden Arches, thanks to fair-use standards and the First Amendment.

The Founder saw a limited release on December 16, but will hit theaters nationwide on January 20.

The Founder Trailer [Weinstein Company via YouTube]
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