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Anderson Cooper Reenacts Wendy’s Twitter Savagery

The chain spurred a social media troll to delete their account

After firing off a series of sick tweet burns that caused a user to literally delete their account, Frosty slinger Wendy’s has quickly become the reigning fast-food Twitter champ of the new year.

Here to recount this very important instance of social media savagery is none other than CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who can’t help giggling as he recaps the humiliating exchange between the fast-food chain and a Twitter user formerly known as “Thuggy D” that ignited over the restaurant’s usage of “fresh, never frozen” beef.

The chain has a history of scrapping on Twitter, such as the time it clapped back at Burger King in a social media battle of value meal deals. Of course, Wendy’s isn’t the only fast-food chain to stray from tweeting about burgers and fries into the realm of personal insults: Whataburger has a history of trolling Kanye West on Twitter.

Anderson Cooper Reenacts Wendy’s Twitter Feud [CNN]
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