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Watch Chris Pratt Butcher a Fish, Both Literally and Figuratively

Don't quit your day job

Hollywood stars earn those fat paychecks by — to varying degrees of success — convincing the rest of us that they are someone else entirely. Chris Pratt has played everything from a bumbling shoe shine boy (Parks and Recreation) to a handsome space crusader (Guardians of the Galaxy) to a dinosaur wrangler (Jurassic World), but one role you won't likely see him playing anytime soon is a fishmonger.

As Pratt demonstrates in this video for Vanity Fair, his ineptitude at breaking down a fish would likely cause Gordon Ramsay's head to explode. Backed by an idyllic lakeside vista, the actor begins by jamming his knife behind the "fish hand" — that's the pectoral fin, Chris — and proceeds to fillet it within an inch of its (already expired) life.

If Pratt hopes to play a chef in any upcoming role, he's definitely going to need a culinary bootcamp session. Regardless, it couldn't possibly be worse than Burnt with Bradley Cooper.

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