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Sushi-Inspired Kit Kats Are Being Unleashed Upon Japan

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Fortunately, they don’t taste like fish

Kit Kat sushi bars Tokyo Bargain Mania

Sushi purists in Japan may have a problem with a new novelty candy from Nestlé. Kit Kat, the chocolate-coated wafer bar with a distinct crunch, will soon be available in the form of sushi, per Kotaku. Three varieties are being produced: tuna, tamago (egg), and uni.

A sea urchin-flavored candy bar sounds like a potentially hard thing to pull off. Perhaps knowing this, the Kit Kat people decided to make these “inspired” by these sushi staples. Instead of sushi rice, they’re served on crispy puffed rice. And instead of fish and egg flavors, they taste like raspberry and white chocolate (tuna), pumpkin pudding (tamago), and Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese (uni). Although, a bit of authenticity comes in the seaweed that wraps the candy bars.

The sweet sushi will be served at a Kit Kat specialty shop that is opening in Tokyo’s Ginza district this Thursday.

Nestlé has a history of getting creative with Kit Kats in Japan. Last year, a sake-flavored version of the candy was introduced. In 2015, the company amped up the glitz with Kit Kats covered in real gold.

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