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Watch: Visiting Central Grocery, the Birthplace of the Muffaletta Sandwich

Nick Solares samples the massive, meaty, New Orleans creation

Today on The Meat Show: New Orleans, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares visits the birthplace of the muffaletta sandwich: Central Grocery, a century-old Italian-American grocery story located in the city's French Quarter, that has now become a destination for sandwich-loving locals and tourists alike.

The muffaletta sandwich derives its name from the bread it is made with — a large, round, sesame seed-covered loaf with origins in Sicily. Brought to New Orleans by Italian immigrants, it has become synonymous with the salty, meaty sandwich in which it plays a crucial, structural role. Muffalettas at Central Grocery are filled with salami, mortadella, imported ham, swiss and provolone cheeses, as well as an olive spread made with peppers, onions, and other vegetables. Watch the video above to see Solares tuck in to the platter-sized creation.

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