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What Should Trevor Noah Do With the Inauguration Cake?

The American people will decide

Trevor Noah and Donald Trump’s inauguration cake on the set of The Daily Show. Comedy Central

President Donald Trump’s inauguration cake continues to make headlines. First, it was revealed that Team Trump ordered a Washington, DC bakery to produce an exact replica of President Barack Obama’s 2013 cake, which was originally created by celebrity baker Duff Goldman. Now, Trevor Noah and the folks at The Daily Show say they’ve somehow gained possession of Trump’s cake.

Noah says his team received a mysterious phone call regarding the cake, and it showed up at The Daily Show’s studio the next day. And now that Noah has this cake, he wants Daily Show viewers to decide what he should do with it. People across the internet are casting their votes via the Twitter hashtag #TrumpCake.

And, of course, there is now a @realTrumpCake Twitter account that has already accrued nearly 4,000 followers. While most parody accounts that emerge out of current events are terrible, this mashup of Trump speak and confectionary terminology is fairly entertaining.

Whatever happens to the cake, Trump himself will no doubt dismiss it as fake news.

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