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This Tostitos Bag Knows When You’ve Been Drinking

The snack bag will also hail an Uber if you’ve been imbibing alcoholic beverages

[The Verge]

Frito-Lay just threw down the gauntlet in the Super Bowl Snack Wars by rolling out limited edition bags of Tostitos equipped with tiny sensors that detects small traces of alcohol. If you blow into the bag and the sensor doesn’t pick up any hints of alcohol, a green logo will appear and you’re good to go. But if you blow into the bag and the sensor detects any booze in your system — even a smidge — a red steering wheel logo will appear on the bag with the message “Don't drink and drive."

The bag is also equipped with near-field communication technology that will allow the person holding the bag to tap their phone against the red logo to hail an Uber and get $10 off their Super Bowl Sunday ride, courtesy of the ride-sharing service, Frito-Lay, and Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.

It’s a very sophisticated chip bag, alright. But you don’t have to be a drunk person to take advantage of this deal: On Sunday, you can get $10 off an Uber ride if you enter a Tostitos UPC code into the app when you hail a ride. Frito-Lay's chief marketing officer Jennifer Saenz tells AdWeek: “Our goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the roads that Sunday evening.”

Elsewhere in the Snack Wars Universe, some of the big brands have already started releasing their Super bowl commercials, and Snickers is planning to do do a live ad during the game.

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