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Watch: Old-School Red Sauce Joints Don’t Get Much Better Than Bamonte’s

Despite many changes to the neighborhood, the Italian restaurant stays the same

Though the lights may be dim, the signs of a classic red sauce restaurant are immediately recognizable: white tablecloths, single carnations, and plate after plate of comforting carbs. This week on Consumed, Eater editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt takes the crew to her favorite such establishment, the nearly 120-year-old Bamonte's. Located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Bamonte's is beloved as much for its old-school vibe as its traditional, no-fuss menu.

After a few plates of Bamonte's classic fare — eggplant parmesan, garlicky mussels marinara, and a seriously hefty portion of lasagna — Kludt sits down with Anthony Bamonte, grandson of the restaurant's original owner Pasquale Bamonte, to hear a little about the place's history, and the future it has on a Williamsburg block that has changed so much. "Do you think your grandkids will keep the restaurant going?" she asks him, and he laughs. "There are some things even God doesn't know." Watch the video above to learn more.

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