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Andrew Zimmern Goes Hunting For Barnacles in ‘Bizarre Foods’ Teaser

The globe-trotting omnivore finds a hidden cove full of tasty crustaceans

That craggily mass on the side of the sea cliff might not catch your eye, but Andrew Zimmern knows that it’s actually a cluster of delicious gooseneck barnacles, which are “filter-feeding crustaceans found in active inter-tidal zones.” In this new clip from the forthcoming season of Bizarre Foods, Will Preisch and Joel Stocks — the chefs from Holdfast in Portland, Oregon — lead Zimmern through a rock tunnel to a secluded beach where the barnacles grow.

The new season of Bizarre Foods focuses on America, with journeys through the Southern barbecue belt, Civil War antebellum trail, and Great Lakes communities. This clip is part of the season premiere, focusing on the Lewis and Clark trail in the Pacific Northwest. After inspecting one of the barnacles, Zimmern remarks: “Reading the journals that Meriwether Lewis wrote, you know they’re always starving, right? Until they meet native people who show them that there’s all kinds of food. I mean, this can keep you alive forever.” As a companion to the new season, Zimmern will sharing demonstrations of dishes inspired by his trips on the Travel Channel homepage — a coconut salmon soup recipe from the Lewis and Clark episode is already online.

Bizarre Foods returns to the Travel Channel next Tuesday, January 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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