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Watch: Dramatic Yelp Reviews With Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon

A five-star performance for one-star reviews

The Yelp review: It’s an essential platform for amateur restaurant critics to channel all of the negative energy in their lives and express it in the form of scathing restaurant take-downs. Anyone who takes the time to pen such a review means business. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and actor/comedian Aziz Ansari understand the seriousness of the Yelp review, and they’re here to pay respect by performing a few in dramatic fashion.

Fallon and Ansari spent a few minutes of their Tonight Show segment on Thursday regaling their audience with tales of bad service, pathetic concept changes, and overcharged happy hour specials. No doubt, their performances will garner Emmy consideration for the drama categories.

The next time Fallon highlights Yelp on his show, perhaps he will showcase how it has become a favorite form of protest for incensed online mobs.

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