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Watch: Indulge in Fried Chicken and Frosty Beers at Turntable Chicken Jazz in NYC

A neon-lit destination for salty, fried foods and a night of drinking

On this week's episode of K-Town, Eater LA editor and host Matthew Kang, along with his childhood friend Janice Kim, climb a nondescript staircase to Turntable Chicken Jazz, a cavernous Koreatown favorite for beer towers, soju, Korean-style fried chicken, and other food fit for drinking.

Korean drinking culture is active and vibrant, and accompanied by many flavorful dishes. Turntable specifically leans into the traditions around chimek, the term (made from combining "chicken" and maekju, the Korean word for beer) for a late-night meal of just that — fried chicken and a few glasses of frosty beer. Watch the video above to see Kang and Kim sample their way through Turntable's menu — including kimchi fried rice with cheese, dumplings, and hand-cut fries on a stick — and chat about the role that salty, fried drinking food plays in Korean culture.

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