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Sheldon Simeon Wants to Guide You Through Hawaii’s Best Eats

'Cooking in America' is back for season two

Cooking in America is back for its second season, this time exploring the varied cuisines and culinary traditions that make up Hawaii’s vibrant food scene. "It’s pretty epic that I get to represent so many different cultures," says Hilo, Hawaii-born chef Sheldon Simeon, restaurant owner, current contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef, and as it happens, the host of this season of Cooking in America. "Here in Hawaii, we get to cook Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Puerto Rican, Filipino, Hawaiian, and it’s still one cuisine. You’re crazy if you ever get bored with this food."

What does American cooking look like in the country’s 50th state? Follow along every Tuesday as Simeon introduces viewers to a family of Vietnamese refugees who have made a name splash with their cooking, a farm raising pigs in the Japanese tradition, and the buzz around one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in the state (if not the country).

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